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Investing members can be natural or legal entities or private companies that do not register works with C3S. They do not get a vote, but may counsel.


Support C3S by donations – no matter how small the amount, it pays.

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You wanna support the C3S, receive a nice goody you can employ to raise the fame of the C3S? Buy some of our merch stuff: Get T-shirts, girlie-shirts, hoodies, sweater and bags from!

6 Euro minus taxes for each item will go directly to the C3S as donations.


Active support

You want to become an active supporter of the C3S? That’s awesome! There’s a lot of things to do and we can use any help. No matter what field you’re in and what you wanna do (organise parties and concerts, IT/web-development, PR or just help with some office work), there’s probably a place for you.
Just write an email to Veit (, internal organisation), telling him what you would like to do, which of your skills you would like to bring into the project and how much time approximately you’re offering to spend on it.