At you can become a member of the C3S by purchasing shares of the co-operative.

It’s quite simple: Just enter your personal information, the type of membership you want to apply for and the amounts of shares you’d like to purchase, choose a password and press the submit-button.
In the next step, please check your data and confirm by clicking on “send email”. You should receive an email containing a link. Click the link, enter your password and download your personal membership application.

Please print the PDF, sign the printed form and send it to us via postal service. The geniune form including your original signature has to be sent – due to legal issues there’s no way around this.

to summarize it:

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Check and send data
  3. Check email
  4. Fill in PDF and send it by post
  5. Transfer money
  6. Become am C3S-member

You can …

Become a full member

Full members have to be natural persons who register at least three works they created themselves with C3S. This applies to composers, lyricists and remixers. You get a full vote.

Become an investing member

Investing members can be natural or legal entities or private companies that do not register works with C3S. They do not get a vote, but may counsel.