For Musicians

That’s in it – 
for you.

  • Better revenue options for musicians using alternative licensing models.
  • No upfront payment: Low member fees are to be deducted from generated royalties – no negative balance.
  • Secured minimum income: You receive 100% royalties (minus fixed membership fees) as long as they do not exceed a fixed threshold.
  • Administration based on single works: You may select the works to be managed by C3S.
  • Pay-per-play: Distribution of royalties based on a 1:1 key wherever technically applicable.
  • You are in full control of your rights, C3S is in executive charge.
  • You decide on free and legal usage of your music.
  • Easy licensing of your works for games, advertising and films.
  • Full and equal voting rights for all members.
  • Transparency in all payment and licensing proceedings.
  • Less administrative effort for independent artists by automated licensing proceedings.

Become a full member

Full members have to be natural persons who register at least three works with C3S they created themselves. This applies to composers, lyricists and remixers. You get a full vote.



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