For Clubs and others

Key benefits for content providers, licensees & users:

  • Simplified: European licensing and clearly defined tariff structure.
  • One-stop solution in licensing: Brokering between content providers and licensees.
  • Embracing latest technology: Automated playlist reporting, intelligent indexing and content search, automated monitoring of broadcast and online channels, online licensing, micro payment.
  • Creating new markets for (net)labels and distributors.
  • Legal certainty in usage of Creative Commons and free licences for brands.
  • Simple and reasonable tariffs, with predictable licence costs for promoters.
  • Free downloads, legal to share for music lovers.
  • Support of educational programmes to raise awareness for copyright, Creative Commons and free licensing.

Become an investing member.

Investing members can be natural or legal entities or private companies that do not register works with C3S. They do not get a vote, but may counsel.