About us

Cultural Commons Collecting Society SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (C3S SCE) – is a European co-operative.
It is intended to be founded as a European non-profit collecting society managing musical works which are released under Creative Commons non-commercial (CC NC) and other free licences, including those under no licence at all. Of course, traditional “all rights reserved” will be possible as well.

C3S is going to be shaped collaboratively by all members based upon full and equal voting rights for all. Any member may select the works she or he wants C3S to manage – C3S does not intend to require exclusive licensing.

In the short term, online and live licence rights are managed, mid term: B2B and mechanical licensing. In the long term, licensing for broadcast (airplay) is considered.

Monitoring, reporting, as well as licensing and billing workflows will be automated, enabled by latest technology – open-source preferred.

C3S is neither a part of nor a project of nor affiliated with Creative Commons. However, as with other associations and companies, C3S has asked for advice to match its concept of integrating Creative Commons licences with the guidelines of Creative Commons.