C3S @ SXWS: Invited, participated, won!

As we already mentioned to you, C3S was chosen by Creative NRW, to fly to the SXSW with the country delegation as one of the outstanding startup organisations – one of the most important and surely world wide biggest conference of the creative landscape.

Fresh from the Austin Convention Center here in Texas the intermediary result. Today, in the “German Haus”, there was a Interactive Dating Game made by NRW. This was not useless, it was an oppertunity to bring startups and investors together.

Two rounds, in every round one US investor (Rudy Garza and Dai Truong) as well as three startups from North Rhein-Westphalia and the USA. Round two: Cheekd (Lori Cheek), a Wildcard-participant from the Bitcoin/Bitpay-world… and: please welcome – C3S represented by Wolfgang Senges!

There were three questions for every contestant which should be answered reasonably to the point. After the questiones were answered, the investor cast his decision.

And this desicion went in our favour! The winner of round #2 is C3S. In round #1 the worthy winner was ParStream.

Was there something to win? Yes. There was a prize in the value of $ 20.000. You can check what these prices are under the webstie of Interactive Dating Games(scroll down). C3S is already looking forward to the advice for the financing, development aid and the conference tickets.

A big thank you goes to the land of North Rhein-Westphalia, Claudia Nussbauer (Leiteren des Referats Kreativwirtschaft), Dr. Benedikt Berg-Walz (Referatsleiter MediendienWirtschaft, Film, Fernsehen, Interaktive Medien), Nadia Zaboura (Creative NRW), Jan Kus (railslove) and Till Hardy (Film und Medien Stiftung NRW).

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