News Update April 2021: Annual General Meeting and Work on the Business Plan

General Assembly

This year the C3S General Assembly will again be held “without presence”, that means digitally. We have decided on 5/25-6/27/2021 as the timeframe for the General Assembly. Since the process worked well last year, we are doing it that way again:

  • At least 30 days notice will be given before the General Assembly voting date.
  • All reports will be available for download on a protected website.
  • All members have the opportunity to ask questions by e-mail; all regular members can submit motions by the same means.
  • Questions are collected and answered weekly in the form of FAQ rounds. There are three rounds for this purpose.
  • One week before the General Assembly voting date, the draft resolutions are finalized and members are able to make a decision via an online tool.
  • On the General Assembly voting day, the votes are counted and the results are announced afterwards.

Business plan

We are working intensively on the rewrite of the business plan and had sought expertise from external consultants in several conferences between our weekly working teleconferences. We plan to have at least four more rounds of external input before the Annual General Meeting in June. The business plan is an important component in the approval process with the DPMA and is indispensable for financing the start of operations, if necessary by taking out a loan.


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