C3S Searching Jamendo Artists for CC Sampler

Here we go – after our first sampler that we curated and compiled for Free Music Archive, we are now compiling one over at Jamendo. With more than 300.000 tracks, Jamendo is the largest download platform for Creative Commons music. Take a look at our first sampler, and you will notice that since publishing it in July 2013 it garnered more than 58.000 listens and 30.000 downloads. That’s what we call, erm, AWESOME! 🙂

Let’s go for #2!

Believe me, lots of people will take notice.

Because this will be the compilation to celebrate the overwhelming success of our crowdfunding to launch a fair collecting society, giving independent artists total freedom in choosing their licence – all rights reserved, or any Creative Commons licence. Even better, you tell us which single tracks to administer, and of course you can mix licences over your repertoire.

Seven days still to go, and we have reached 93.500 Euros – that’s 187% of our target. Plus 31.000 Euros that we collected independently for our foundation. And if we make that 200.000 Euros, the amount is going to be doubled by public funding.

However, it’s you we need for the compilation – we need your music!

No matter which style of music you are playing. We are looking for fresh & high quality tracks. It’s the variety, the vast scope of music that surprises and convinces people who are not believing in CC music yet. Let’s promote Creative Commons use! That’s our call to instruments!

If you are on Jamendo and you would like to be on the sampler, please send your track (URL) to

until 30th September.

The final list of selected tracks is going to be published here on our blog and on Jamendo’s homepage.

Expect the setlist to be ready for 2nd October.

Of course, it won’t be the last sampler, compilation, playlist or whatever you might call it that C3S is putting together. If you would like to see CC compilations curated by our team at other platforms, please email us. Maybe there’s a way.

If you are also interested in what we are doing, take a look at our homepage (http://www.c3s.cc) and at our crowdfunding page (http://startnext.de/en/c3s).

Looking forward to your tunes! Keep it coming…

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