Max Gössler Now Is New Managing Director of the C3S

The administrative board of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) has been appointed as managing director. From now on he will
guide the upcoming alternative to the existing German music collecting society GEMA into its future together with Meik Michalke. Gössler follows in musicologist Dr. Holger Schwetter’s footsteps who provisionally filled the function during the last months.

The graduated economist Max Gössler is a consultant for controlling and project management. The musician and co-owner of the label Somadate Records is also a regular member of the C3S and recently focused on the organizational development of the European Cooperative Society.

„It is with great interest that I followed the progress of the C3S since its foundation. I’m very much looking forward to making an active contribution in this new role. The approval of the authorities to become an official collecting society is still a big challenge for the C3S. But I’m convinced that we can meet the requirements if we keep going,“ Gössler says. „I’m committed to presenting a sustainable business model guaranteeing fair music utilisation and the viable implementation of our ideas in the application for admission.“

„Max Gössler convinced the administrative board with his business expertise and constructive criticism — two skills which are essential for bringing our big project across the finish line,“ his counterpart Meik Michalke states.

At the C3S the four-eyes principle applies: Statutorily, there are at least two managing directors representing the cooperative collectively while specializing in different fields to complement each other. Whereas Michalke focused on artistic matters and cultural politics since the beginning, Gössler will emphasize the business and project planning aspects.

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