„Pass the Mic!“ – Get the C3S compilation on Jamendo

Music business. The final frontier. This is the official music compilation of the fair collecting society C3S. Its continuing mission: to explore new markets, to seek out new possibilities for alternative cultural models, to boldly go where many musicians never had the chance to go before.

After the „Ignition Mix“ sampler which has already been downloaded 41.000 times, the C3S has produced its second compilation in cooperation with Jamendo.

On „Pass the Mic!“ you will find 18 brand-new tracks, provided by committed artist and bands under Creative Commons licenses, in order to support the concept behind the C3S: to establish an alternative collecting society, providing new opportunities for artists, giving fresh impulse to musical culture off the beaten tracks.

Information about the licenses each of the tracks was published under are available at jamendo.com

The C3S becomes the collecting society of choice for artists who find the limitations of the traditional standards provided by the GEMA too constricting. It will offer work-based utilization and individual licensing models from All Rights Reserved to Creative Commons, in a cooperative model with equal voting rights for everyone, and much more.

Find out more and be part of it!

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