Report of the board of administration, april 2014

Activities of the C3S for April 2014

We would like to convey to you the activities of the Board of Administration as well as the activities of the numerous working groups within the C3S.

The biggest news was, of course, the registration of the C3S in the Register of Cooperative Societies. This however, does not imply the accreditation as a Collecting Society by the DPMA, as for that there is still a lot to be done. But, the C3S has now been officially founded and can legitimately begin with the implementation of the project supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. More information on this in the C3S blog entry

More news: as of April 11th, 2014 „C3S“ is a registered trademark.

Discussion Topics of the Board of Administration

The Board of Administration of the C3S discussed the following topics in April 2014:

  • Working conditions for the planned fixed employees and terms of the working agreements.
  • Business strategies of the C3S.
  • Developing other sources of income, for example a C3S webshop, donation mechanisms, „Sustain the C3S“.
  • Planing of future event for Summer/Autumn 2014 (as, for example, the General Assembly).

What we have been working on:

  • Entry in the Register of Collecting Societies: this process implied a bulk of administrative work: communicating the merge of members and resources from diverse single sources with the public, changing the signatures, the website concent and the company details.
  • Membership database: information about our members had to be structured and cross-validated.

Daily Business:

On the top of everything that has been listed so far, there is a bulk of things that need to be carried through regularly in order to keep things going smoothly. In this post, however, we shall stop here and thus avoid making it way too long and repeating the same things every month.

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