The C3S Flash Funding has started!

This year will soon be over, the clock is ticking, the deadline for the 200.000 Euro funding from the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia comes closer and closer – please help us to bridge the last gap so that we can receive the full amount of 200.000 Euro!

As you know, we still need around 70.000 Euro.

In the meantime we have received a notification from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, promising us that we will be funded in any case, even if we do not achieve to raise the full amount. But we will get only as much money as we are able to produce ourselves. North Rhine-Westphalia will give us one Euro for every Euro we have collected. This means that, at the moment, we would only be eligible for 130.000 Euro of aid money from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in accord with our own capital of 130.000 Euro. This would enable us to invest only 260.000 Euro into the development and programming of the necessary infrastructure and database applications.

However, if we reach the final goal of 200.000 Euro during the next couple of days and weeks, we can invest an additional amount of 140.000 Euro, altogether 400.000 Euro. Consequently, we will be able to finance a lot of manpower for programming.

You see, it is really worth the effort.

Therefore, in order to close the money gap, we will launch a „Flash Funding“ campaign. It was commenced on November 25th, and, since speed is the issue here, it will only run for 14 days.

In order to have the money available without any deductions, for example fees for a crowdfunding platform, we will not use an external platform any more, but the website of the C3S

What can you do?

Participate! If you have not yet subscribed to cooperative shares – now is the time to do it!

Spread the word to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, no matter whether they are creators – and thus eligible to become user members -, or supporters. Each and every person who has to do with music in some way, or who wants to support free and alternative models of licensing, is able to become a member of the cooperative.

As you know, only the user members will have voting rights, but the supporting members will have plenty of opportunity to give advice and to voice their ideas and their needs. Let everybody know that, by joining the C3S, they will become empowered to really set something in motion.

Of course, all who have already subscribed to shares can make additional subscriptions. Just subscribe with the same e-mail adress you used for your former subscriptions.

T-shirts will be available again, too. And generous donations are always very welcome.

Now take a deep breath and let’s go for the final spurt! Here is the website for the Flash Funding project.

Participate, spread the word, distribute the link, wherever you can.

Let’s rock it. Together.

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