Why we need a cultural commons collecting society?

The diversity of lifestyles and work situations of contemporary artists and authors of all disciplines can not be sufficiently catered for with just one general solution. What is required today is a model whose elements are flexible, so that they can be combined into solutions that are as individual as possible, according to the respective needs of every creative person.

The bandwidth that results from this model offers a multitude of options and opportunities. A modern kind of utilization of rights makes use of these opportunities and crafts solutions that are easily accessible to all who create works of art.

The C3S acknowledges this diversity. Aided by those technical means, it develops a licensing model that wants to do justice to the complexity of the modern world and the individuality of contemporary artists.:

Licensing of individual works: The C3S will represent only the works that a member has registered for utilization. The rights of works that have not been registered for utilization are not touched by the C3S.
Individual licenses for every work: The decision about which license is chosen for which work remains with the author. The C3S will enable its members to choose different licenses, from the classical “all rights reserved” to internationally acknowledged alternative models, especially Creative Commons licenses. For every work separately.
Individual utilization of rights: Likewise, the utilization of rights will be freely selected for each individual work. For each of the works an author has registered, she or he shall be able to decide in which field of use the C3S will take on the utilization of rights. Live performances, broadcasting, clubs, functional use (advertising, film, presentations etc.) and many more. From just a single one to a combination of several areas or the complete representation of rights.

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