My Internship with C3S

[written by: Miro Marcus, intern with C3S in March 2014]

My name is Miro Marcus, I am 14 years old and go the the Nelson Mandela
School Berlin. From the 10th to the 21st of March I completed my
internship with C3S.

Here I will give you a little insight into the duties I had to do, what
I experienced and what I learned.

It was very interesting to see how C3S is caring for its members,
although it is not fully existing yet and also to experience how a
collecting-society acts while still in development.

At C3S it is not like in any other company where you normally need a
specific qualification and only work in this one area. No, here there
are different areas where you have different assignments to do, like me
right now, I am writing a blog article.

But I also did many other things, I took photos of the merchandise
articles and edited them, organised the merchandise stock,
translated texts and handled the WordPress editor. Meik
Michalke also took me to a presentation about C3S in the University for
Music and Dance in Cologne.

The office of C3S is located in a very practical area, in an old
train station building where three S-Bahn lines run past an stop. This means
there is a direct train connection. In the radius of approximately 500
meters there are many possibilities to eat. And when the sun is shining,
you can take nice walks through the park and streets.

I want to thank C3S for making this internship possible for me: Eva that
she worked together with me in the office all day, Meik who always came
in the afternoons and gave me feedback for the work I did during the
day. Christoph who showed me how screencasts work and Florian who taught
me to use the WordPress editor. I also thank Karin for the delicious
bread she baked and brought to the office every now and then. There
were also people who I sadly wasn’t able to get to meet in person, for example
Sarah who opened a Jabber account for me.

In the end, I am very glad about my decision of doing my internship with
C3S. It was very entertaining and I learned a lot.

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