Registered: The C3S exists

Exciting news: We exist! As of Friday, March 28, 2014, we are a registered European co-operative.
Meinhard posted this to the administrative board yesterday. The excitement and happiness amongst the administrative board members was quite evident from the mails that came in on our core-team list.

This is an enourmous for the C3S: registered as a co-operative means that we can actually start doing business now. We can access the funds we collected in our crowdfunding campaign last summer and start with the development project, supported by the state of NRW. Which we will do on May, 1st.

This means that from May on, we will start with the implementation of technical solutions that will make the C3S a modern collecting society.
We are now legally able to fully operate with and for our more that 800 members.
We will also start planing our first general assembly.

As m.eik put it: “The entry into the register of cooperatives has been the last missing link. Now we are finally able to get going”

This is it. We’re rolling!

We thank all of you for your continued moral and financial support, for spreading the word about the C3S and for your active help with the project. All of you made it possible to come this far.

Further information can be found in our most recent press release

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