Where does your money from the crowdfunding campaing go?

The C3S is dedicated to offering transparency. You trust us, and you proved it during the crowdfunding campaign by entrusting us with almost 118.000 Euro. Now it is our turn.

We want to show you which costs were already covered from your money, and which expenditure still needs to be made.

The balance also demonstrates that we must fill a gap until the end of the year if we want to receive the maximum funding from the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. To be precise: It is all about an additional full-time position that we need to finance.

We are still unable to confirm the definite amount that was raised through the crowdfunding campaign, because we need to be officially registered at the local district court first. Then we will receive the money from Startnext which has been contributed for shares.

Without much ado, here comes the full balance:

What must be paid?

How much does it cost?

Donations from friends and from the team:
Consulting sessions 0 €
Workshops & studio time 0 €
CDs 0 €
Surprises 0 €
0 €
Your goodies:
T-Shirts 3.000 €
Bags 525 €
Buttons 200 €
Stickers 300 €
Party 600 €
4.625 €
Logistics & advertising
Postage 1.700 €
Envelopes 260 €
Printed materials (flyer etc.) 600 €
Video (crowdfunding & foundation) 350 €
Travel expenses 1.500 €
4.410 €
Setup fee 1.000 €
Fiduciary fee (1.0 %) 1.200 €
Success fee (3.5 %) 4.100 €
Payment fee (4.5 %) 5.300 €
11.600 €


This means that the expenses already amount to 20.635 €. But we also had significant revenues:

Where does the money come from?

How much money was made?

Balance June until November 2013:
flattr 300 €
Flyer campaign 388 €
Seed capital 31.100 €
Crowdfunding: donations 13.268 €
Crowdfunding: goodies etc. 34.690 €
Crowdfunding: shares 69.800 €
149.546 €

However, there is a gap to be closed. We need to account for an equity capital of 200.000 € in order to receive the same amount of funding from the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Balance of the crowdfunding campaign
and the foundation

Revenues 149.546 €
Expenses -20.635 €
128.911 €

As you see, the amount of 71.089 € is missing, and we must have it before the end of the year. This means that we have to make a huge effort in order to reach our ambitious goal.

If your declarations of membership continue to come in, as numerous they did during the last couple of days, we can do it. Let’s go!

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