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The C3S kindly asks for your support. Only if we work together we will be able to make it through the cold season! A project as ambitious as ours needs perseverance and patience in order to reach its goal: A fair, modern and democratic royalties collecting society for music.

Running costs

As we have told you before, the C3S currently faces a financial dilemma. On the one hand we have no proper source of income yet, on the other hand we must meet our current expenses in order to keep doing our work. They are comprised of our office costs (rent, electricity, telephone, stationery etc.), the IT services (e.g. the running of web servers, mailing lists or tools for project planning), a part-term position for membership administration and accounting, as well as travel expenses for the meetings of the administrative boards. Altogether, this sums up to ca. €45.000 net expenses per year. For a project of our dimensions this is actually an extremely small budget — but still we regularly worry about how we will able to pay the bills during the months to come.

Are you a Sustainer?

A big thank you goes to all who are already part of our „Sustain“ program. Currently, there are 56 people who provide altogether €830 per month, an average of €14,82 per person, which is financing 23% of all the running costs, a substantial contribution to the maintenance and progress of the project! If we manage to convince 300 „Sustain“ subscribers to support our goal, the basic costs of our work will be covered. Even more support means that the work can be considerably accelerated: From 450 Sustainers onwards, we can employ one more part-time employee, from 600 onwards, even two.

You can be a Sustainer if you make a monthly standing order of €5 or more. All Sustainers whose first bank transfer reaches us before December 24th cqan choose to receive a small token of our gratitude: A hand-written Christmas card from a member of the board of directors. 🙂

Foreseeable additional expenditure

In addition to securing our basic expenses, we will need the means to cover smaller and larger projects next year. In 2015, we want to submit the application for our approval as a collecting society to the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). The necessary technical infrastructure is currently in the process of being developed. You will be able to get a first impression in spring. Reliable and sustainable development costs money, too. In addition, we plan to generate a system for easy handling of concert events, and we want to congratulate the e.V. on the occasion of its 10th anniversary by running the competition of the same name again in 2015. Therefore, in addition to „Sustain“, we plan to launch crowdfunding campaigns in order to finance these projects.

In addition to „Sustain“

By purchasing co-operative shares you also support us — especially if you make music yourself and plan to make use of our services later. Last but not least we also ecourage you to donate to the e.V. Furthermore, you are invited to flattr us to your heart’s content!

The C3S has already come a long way, and our shared goal will soon be within reach. But we will only make it if you continue to help us.

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